University Student Creates WhatsApp Group, Adds Men she Infected With HIV

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Shock covered everyone at Jomo Kenyatta University when a student from the same university reportedly created a WhatsApp group. And later added in all her ex lovers that have slept with her and she infected them with HIV/AIDS. Only known as Bambi, she decided to beat the odds and collect the men in one basket.

This started a social media uproar after the said student, Bambi jokingly created a WhatsApp group and her and her friends decided to move the internet into a frenzy. A screenshot of her as a WhatsApp group has been making rounds on social media with a title “How to Live with AIDS”.

This is followed by a very disturbing group description that really cracks nuts of anyone, in the description, she insinuates that, everyone in that group is connected there for one reason, AIDS! She continued to say that, they all got it from her and she is responsible for their misery.

You are all connected here by one thing, AIDS. You all have it… You all got it from me… But don’t worry though, if it went in really, it is in the early stages, you can get ARVs or something”  the group description read.

Bambi a university student, afterwards let this screenshot go out and the rest is history, she trended in many universities across East Africa. But then in  a twist of things, this comes out to be a prank! Yes, she herself came out and asserted that she was doing a prank and she was sorry for whoever was affected.

She says that, she just thought of the idea, shared with her friends at the university and they gave it a go ahead. In real life, Bambi says she is HIV negative and has not slept with the men she put in the group only a few of them.


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In her bid to stress out her fear, she says she no longer leaves her hostel since everyone now looks at her as a ‘walking dead’ since she confessed her HIV status. More so, Bambi asserts that she fears this may affect her studies since she attracted negative and uncalled for attention.



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