Video: Ugandan teenage girls shame and expose father for cheating on their mother

Social media has been in a frenzy for the past few days after a video surfaced on the internet showing three Ugandan teenage girls confronting their father for cheating. This was after these girls hacked into his phone without him knowing. They landed on his WhatsApp chats with a side chic of his. For starters these girls together with their mother and father live in the US.

It seems like after learning of the Bushenyi Ishaka MPs wife’s waters, this man wanted to have a taste of Ugandan waters as it could have been long. During his stay in Uganda, he got in touch with a side chic he reportedly chewed and because of the unfiltered sweetness from the Pearl, he kept in touch with her after going back to the US. These girls became suspicious and soon hacked into his phone and shock befell them.

An unusual evening saw them call a family meeting of five. And together with their mother, they ganged up on the father and tore him apart verbally. They called him all kinds of names and insults. One told the father how he’s a serial cheater and that has no right to talk back to them for cheating. Another said that he was just a financial benefactor to her while she was still young but he’s now useless to her.

The third one swore how she felt like killing the father there and then. Their mother who was all along fuelling the altercation revealed how she had asked the husband to go with her for therapy but he declined. The man couldn’t even speak back because they outnumbered him.

Watch video here

Back home, on the social media apps where everyone gives their opinion, Ugandans wondered how kids have the audacity to meddle in such affairs of their parents. They cited poor parenting and too much liberty as the cause of this “madness and nonsense.”

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