Video: Trending UN Workers Enjoying Themselves Raw

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The level of horn amongst people currently seems to be at an all time high. These no longer have any bit of shame and feast on themselves wherever and whenever they can. Social media has been thrown into shock after a video surfaced showing two UN workers eating themselves mercilessly. Without an inch of shyness, these took to eating the forbidden fruit in the official UN work vehicle.

Shockingly, they were with their workmates who were seated in the front seats driving. The lady can be seen sitting on top of the guy and grinding her wet sumbie on his wire. Both are fully clothed and the babe just slides her undies aside and slides the dude’s wire into her kandahar city. They did all this while the car was parked at the traffic lights.

Meanwhile as they were doing all this, they got recorded by the street cameras. Netizens have been left wondering why these couldn’t wait to get to their place or maybe a dark spot and harvest themselves. However, you never know it was explosive and they couldn’t miss to take their chances. And had to mingle themselves from their lest they get to their destination when both have lost feelings for each other.

Click here to watch Video of UN workers

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