PHOTOS: Hoima Mayor Aspirant Brian Kaboyo Netted with Another Man’s Wife in a Lodge

S#x scandals in the recent days are unfolding each and every other day, this afternoon a scene has just
erupted where a Hoima city mayor candidate called Adyeeri Brian Kaboyo was caught in the act chewing the sumbie of another man’s wife. They were completely n@ked and from smashing.

Adyeeri Brian Kaboyo a political candidate in Hoima city contesting for the post of city Mayor on NRM ticket this afternoon after casting his vote lined up a juicy babe alleged to be a married woman in lodge tearing her thigh land apart.

The yet to be identified water-logged babe had wholeheartedly served Adyeeri Brian Kaboyo with her cocco not until the juicy party of sweet pain was interrupted by the locals and stalkers.

This however becomes the second naughty incident in just a week after one of the top clergy members in the country was ‘undressed’ in public for sleeping with another man’s woman.

Times Uganda brings you the photos of the two s#x celebrants nabbed naked and paraded before the
cameras in yet another s#x scandal ocean.




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