PAIN AGAIN: SK Mbuga’s Wife Vivian Mbuga in Deep Pain Over Domestic Violence Allegations

Mbuga Hacked Into Her Instagram Account

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  • SK Mbuga is reported to have been entangled in domestic violence now with Jalia and it is not the first time
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Domestic violence allegations are escalating these days of the COVID-19 period since every woman almost comes out crying the same thing, pain pain and pain but not the other pain, but the pain they face from their men in the domestic violence pattern. The latest being the pencil thin tycoon SK Mbuga’s wife Vivian Jalia Mbuga.

This whole news comes to light after a one Fashionista Kim Swagga appeared on his social media account and exposed the tycoon for being selfish and batter his wife for no reasons and regretted why he connected Vivian to Mbuga and added that he will forever be take the blame for connecting her to a monster.

“I have kept mute about your evil behaviors for along time,even when you wanted to murder me,but the almighty God will work on you one day and trust me it will be a knock sis Jalia Vivienne Mbuga am sorry for introducing you to that man ,I will forever take the blame” Kim Swagga posted. This came in after Jalia herself had let the cat out of the sack by talking about sheer domestic violence she is nursing.


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Stop domestic violence since you hacked into my Instagram account, hack into this one too” Vivian quipped. It should be remembered that this is not the first time tycoon Mbuga is getting pinned for this domestic violence block, also he beat up his ex lover and singer Leila Kayondo to pulp. He is now listed with fellow tycoon Sipapa who is also on a hand of mistreating his lover Brown Shuga

Vivian Mbuga’s post
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