Mudra D Viral responds to allegations of stealing artist’s hit

Singer Mudra D Viral has responded to a certain school boy who claims that he stole his song and released it when he was at school doing examinations. Mudra D Viral rose to fame during the Covid19 lockdown. He was before a song writer as he did songs with Karole Kasita but later decided to also try singing which has made him famous and let him make more money than just writing.

Artistes who have made some hit songs are usually accused of stealing upcoming artistes songs something that has never been proved to be true. Early this year, Pallaso was accused of stealing songs but the claims faded away and those accusing him have never come back to the media to say anything about it.

Now this time is Mudra who is being accused of stealing a young school boy’s song and releasing it without his knowledge. Yesterday the boy came to the media saying Mudra’s song ‘Salawano’ was his song and now he needs money for his song or else he will go to courts of law to take on the matter.

Mudra D Viral was also contacted but his response was chilling and he denied all the allegations calling them baseless. According to talented Mudra D Viral, he writes his own music and there is no way he would steal a song from a young boy yet he has a thousand songs that aren’t released.

“What I can tell that boy with baseless claims is that we have nothing to talk about because I write my own music. There is no way I can steal what is mine.” Mudra D Viral responds to allegations of stealing another artist’s hit.

It should be noted that some people come in this way to just appear in the media by tainting artistes with a bad image.

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