Makerere University apologizes for the trending video

Makerere University has come out to apologise for the trending video where their lecturer is seen beating up students during class time. The video started trending on social media today morning and it has gone viral with Ugandans wondering why such actions would take place in a big university like Makerere University.

With all the words going on, Makerere University through it’s Twitter platform issued an apology to everyone who might have watched the video. In the statement put on social media, the investigation about this video are being made and the University will keep everyone updated on how far they have gone about it.

“And the faculty where the incident took place will face the disciplinary committee because all students are meant to feel protected not threatened like it has been potrayed in the trending video.

The Director of Gender Mainstreaming has reached out to the affected student, shared our regret, and promised to investigate this matter with the utmost sincerity. We shall keep the university community and general public updated on further steps taken to address this incident.

We have instituted processes that should lead us to take the necessary disciplinary action against the faculty involved in this unfortunate incident. Students should feel protected and guided by the academic staff they hold in high regard.

The Makerere University Management has noted with regret a video on social media that was recorded showing a student and a course instructor in an altercation that resulted in the faculty assaulting a student” Makerere University tweeted.

It should be noted that the girls who were beaten haven’t been identified by names although it is said they they have been reached and they are doing well. The name of the Lecturer who was seen physically assaulting these girls is known as Mr. Bernad Wandera.

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