Gospel Singer Bahati Nabs Wife Diana Marua Being Eaten Live in Their Car!

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Kenyan top gospel singer Bahati is not a happy man currently after he caught his wife live in action. This happened when he found his wife Diana Marua being chewed by his own music manager Weezdom. All this happened in the Mercedes Benz the singer just bought for Diana.

A close source reveals that, drama completely unfolded when the couple went to Malindi for a vacation, and Diana asked to get some personal stuff in the car. This was parked outside the hotel, and Bahati’s manager stealthily followed her.

An eyewitness tipped Bahati that his wife was being b0nked to cabbages in the behind seats of the car. Bahati, on reaching the shafting scene, he could not believe his eyes and started crying. Bahati’s embarrassment crossed from his wife Diana Marua being eaten to being eaten by his personal manager.

On the same note, Weezdom instead blamed Diana that she enticed and lured him into her legs after she called him in the behind seat to pick a camera. When he reached, she held his hand and told him that she wanted him to explore the thighlands, Bahati play with.

“Me, Diana Marua was seated in the car and asked me to pick the camera a little small, that is when she asked me to touch and feel the village of Bahati down her thighs” Weezdom defended himself. We currently do not know what Bahati will follow with if it is not a breakup.


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