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Bad Black Spills Dirty Secrets About Tycoon Lwasa

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As social media was recovering from Lwasa’s shocking video, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black intensified everything by revealing a screenshot that shows Lwasa had sent her money with intensions of bedding her.

The screenshot which was released by Bad Black on Saturday, showed that tycoon Lwasa sent her 150k in return to bed her. According to the socialite, Lwasa requested to have a taste of her goodies in February 2021 but she refused the deal since it was earning her little money.

She added that she patiently waited for 20million but Lwasa didn’t pay the money for them to execute the deal successfully. Bad Black’s revelation comes after Lwasa Emmanuel trashing her in an interview with the media calling her an old skinny lady and the statements didn’t sound well to her.

Its in her response to the the statements that she spilled their small secret and vowed to reveal more
secrets about Lwasa.

Dear Emmanuel Lwasa oyagala nyo attention Kagikuwe this time. I have proof. Tolimba bantu wansaba a kasolo mu Feb 2021 naye wali mwavu nyo. You did a deposit ya mitwalo kumi netaano (150,000k) I still have all your records. Bambi safuka victim wa pimple.” Bad Black retaliated saying that she never fell a victim of Lwasa’s ‘pimple like’ cassava.

Thank God neyo enziiku gyotambuza. I waited for Shs20million tewalabikako. Gyakuyiwamu live. I kept everything like secret naye komanyidde, I will be bark. I keep records for self defense nze si wayiliza.” Bad Black post reads. The statement means that, she had wanted 20 million Uganda shillings but the tycoon sent only 150,000.

So she literally never went to meet and bed him because he was too broke and that she keeps records, she never defames people.


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Elijah Mutabuza

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