Anonymous Uganda Hits, Hacks Top Government Websites Again

You remember those days where the Anonymous Uganda groups of hackers took off the Uganda Police Force website? Yes, now they have hit back again in full swing and left no stone unturned as they hacked top government of Uganda websites.

These websites include the of the Parliament of Uganda, Electoral Commission and one of NBS television as the Anonymous hackers took the troll on. In a Twitter release, the Anonymous Uganda hackers announced that they were going to attack the government of Uganda, but they had not said the way they were to do it, until it arrived.

After hacking the websites, in a statement, Anonymous asserted that they did that to ‘speak’ for the voiceless Ugandans who have been ripped of their internet rights. In the same statement, the hackers said that they are fighting for Ugandans’ freedom.

However, by publishing time, NBS had put back it’s website and Electoral Commission however for the EC, is still on and off as the hacker assured them that they will not get it stabilized now. On the same key, too much confidential information was leaked that includes Members of Parliament emails and other information.

The funny bit of it all, the hacker exposed all the budgets, loan deals by Parliament and said that the government of Uganda is not working for the people, but it is working for specific stomachs. They could release emails and their passwords so that everyone accesses them live.

I am sorry to inform you that your government is lying to you, everything they say and do is all for their benefit and not the people’s.” A statement read from Anonymous x64’s tweet with a link to all exposed files. In the same tweet, the hackers claimed to have accessed President Museveni’s account details and the rest.

We are Anonymous, we do not forgive, we do not forget Don’t expect us, we are here already” the next tweet from Anonymous stated as they tagged the government of Uganda and the Parliament.



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