Rema Namakula’s Nose Ring and Tattoo Surprise Fans

The tattoo is her right hand, nose ring is visible and she is proud of all of them!

She is one of the few darlings in the music industry, she is the singer of love songs, and she is Rema Namakula. Well, she is back in the news but not like usual, right now she is displaying her newly acquired nose ring and a tattoo.

The Siri Muyembe hit maker Rema Namakula has swept her fans off their feet after she appeared on her social media accounts and posted a picture with a caption ‘wedding call.’ Then after, her fans were left in utter shock thinking about a possible wedding of her and her husband Hamza Ssebunya, they realized something ‘strange’

And was none other than a tattoo and a nose ring! Many have been seen asking when Rema acquired the tattoo and the nose ring. As some were seen jubilating saying that she is truly exercising her full rights, a sign that Dr. Hamza doesn’t give her a hard time being the Rema she wants to be.

However, we all failed to read well the initials of the tattoo and some parts were covered by the watch she had on her arm. But all you can see is letter S at the start and ‘al’ at the end, on her right hand. For the nose ring, it is clearly visible.

Rema Namakula flashing her nose pin (courtesy photo)


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