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Lydia Jazmine and Ex Manager Mulindwa Hatred Escalates

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It seems like songstress Lydia Jazmine and her ex-manager Ronnie Mulindwa won’t be seeing eye to eye for some time. This is after the duo have continued to trade heated words towards each other.

The pair ended their working relationship a few weeks ago and since then have been involved in a cold war. Mulindwa had assumed being Jazmine’s manager not so long ago.

The two used to post a couple of pics together on Jazmine’s social media pictures before hell broke loose. They however in the midst of the contract got disagreements and Lydia Jazmine almost walked out of it.

Mulindwa a former singer and manager in the early 2000’s group, The Obsessions then threatened to take legal action against the Kapeesa singer. Jazmine persisted and walked through the agreement.

Since the two parted ways, a lot of unfortunate incidents have happened. These included Mulindwa allegedly confiscating a Mercedes Benz car he had gifted Jazmine on her birthday.

Lydia Jazmine later on was quoted as saying that she will buy her own car as she had resorted to being hawked on boda bodas. This made news rounds, something that triggered her love to get an own car as soon.

The singer however said that she still has the Mercedes Benz car. It was not even bought by Mulindwa for her but rather herself. This is because he’s too broke to afford one.  Jazmine also says that she will be landing herself a brand new monster ride and an upgrade to her current one. The two are further said to have split due to financially related issues.


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