Dissecting OS Suuna’s Bus Duniya Remix, Real Message Delivered

Talent aside, when we lost the old big boys of Kadongo Kamu music, we could hardly speculate we would get the message again. But since Uganda is rich in talent, we have seen the resurrection of the late Herman Basudde’s Bus Duniya by OS Suna with his Bus Duniya remix.

Let us look at this Bus Duniya remix message that was extracted by the talented and vocalist OS Suna. First, the original version of the song is for fourteen minutes, and OS Suna managed to break it down to seven minutes. He made sure he crafted the song to the very current situation in our country.

Through his lyrical geniusness, OS Suna talked about how the bus is really tired, and how he wishes it would be parked so that whoever is in can breath or select another one with a new driver. In the song he highlights on some parts that Basudde never touched and thus making the song one of the greatest remixes that have been done so far.

On the other hand, the video was shot by a one Simon SPK who had a big role of converting the song of the 90’s to fix today’s market. And indeed, he put the whole message in the seven minutes OS Suna had to deliver the message.

We see how the whole crew made it a point to pay a visit to the late Herman Basudde’s family as OS Suna visited the late’s resting house. This whole thing shows how the song was genuinely acquired and how Suna has the rights to do Bus Duniya remix.

The audio was done by Pyrate Beats who also kept OS Suna on the notes, as he brought the musical beast in him. All in all, Bus Duniya Remix is a real deal, it is worth it, we are sure Herman Basudde is happy wherever he is, must be proud of OS Suna. We give it 9/10. Kudos OS.

Watch video here


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