If Soap Is Expensive, Then use Pawpaw Leaves- Robinah Nabbanja

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The Prime Minister of Uganda Honorable Robinah Nabbanja spoke to the media about the increasing prices of different commodities in Uganda.

This is due to high rocketed prices that started earlier in February making everything expensive in Uganda like food prices, transport, daily usage goods like soap, sugar, bread to mention but a few.

The issue was addressed by Energy Minister Ruth Nankabirwa who called dealers not to take advantage of the shortage to cheat Ugandans with high prices. “I know we are following a liberalized economy where goods follow market demand to determine prices but you can’t put fuel (up) from 4,000 to 12,000 Ugandan shillings, that is cheating,” she said. But on the field, her invitation has yet to be received.

However, following the issue at hand, the prime minister gave Ugandans a solution that’s been used from back when there was a crisis in the economy.

“Last time I was watching the news and saw people complaining about shops having different prices, what should the government do now? And those saying the soap price is high, I remember when I was growing up we used to use pawpaw tree leaves to wash, they can resort to that if soap is expensive,” Robinah Nabbanja said.


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