Jose Chameleone Escapes Jail After a Scuffle With URA Officers

It was drama and free entertainment when singer and Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone went into a heated up argument with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement officers at BBS Television offices where the singer had gone to entertain the King Ronald Mutebi II from Buganda owned television Buganda Broadcasting Services (BBS) Television. This started when the Uganda Revenue Authority enforcement officers noticed Chameleone’s car being driven by someone else, not Chameleone himself.

This pulled Uganda Revenue Authority officers’ attention to get closer to the car. In addition, and started asking for the revenue papers and national ID from the driver. Therefore, that’s when Chameleone came and jumped out of the car and started drama. Chameleone told the officer that the people are tired of the enforcement officers everywhere. In addition, people are so oppressed that even on holidays like Easter they don’t rest. However, instead, keep disturbing the people of Uganda.

uganda revenue authority officers and Jose Chameleone


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It was at this time Chameleone told the officers that he did not have the revenue clearance papers of his car. However, if they wanted them, they were to wait for him to first do the King’s jib. In addition, and perform for him he attends to Uganda Revenue Authority later. This consequently sparked off the anger of the officers and they took it as something for under,mining them, the scuffle took a new twist.


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You people we are tired of you, why don’t you let us be, now i don’t have the papers for this car, you will wait for me to first do the King’s job and later attend to you. You will have to follow me to my place and get the papers from there or else they leave it. We are tired and do not expose your stupidity, it is a public holiday and Jesus is risen but for you, you don’t rest…?” Jose Chameleone continued to lead the argument as the officers were kept mute. It was not until they agreed to wait for him to finish his show at the television and they go with him that ball the drama ended.


uganda revenue authority officers and Jose Chameleone

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