Greenhill Academy Speaks Out About Alleged Students Kidnap

Greenhill Academy has come out to clear the air about the alleged kidnap of three of their students. Social media has been castigating Greenhill Academy after three of their students were allegedly rescued from being kidnapped and trafficked out of the country by people that have not been identified yet.

The students in questions were all in between the ages of 13 and 14 whom according to the school’s headteacher, Benon Lubwama had escaped from school in a rental Uber. The Police spokesperson Entebbe district Vincent Irama further informed that the students had been picked up from Stanbic Bank, Entebbe branch at 11pm, on the same Monday.

According to Police, they had got a lead from Kasangati Police station which informed them that a group of three boys were stranded at Stanbic Bank, Entebbe and they needed help. Prior to this, the students narrated that they had travelled to Entebbe after one of their friends gave them his father’s ATM to Eco bank and instructed them to withdraw UGX 800,000 which they would use as transport to Entebbe.

Unfortunately, after arriving in Entebbe, the boys tried to withdraw money from the Eco bank but in vain before they moved to DFCU bank where they failed. Subsequently, they moved to Stanbic Bank and the trend repeated itself however, this time the card was captured.

Having failed to withdraw the money, the students told the private security guard at Stanbic Bank that they had been kidnapped and when asked for a contact, the students shared the head teacher’s number.

They told the guard that they had been kidnapped. When the guard asked them for a contact of someone to call for help, they provided that of the headmaster Lubwama. It is Lubwama who then alerted Kasangati police officers that the boys were at Stanbic bank, Entebbe branch.

Unlike what was spreading on social media, the boys confessed to what had happened as they told Police “These boys told us they were not kidnapped. They left school knowing that they would withdraw money and have fun at the home of their classmate, so they were excited to come to Entebbe”

Unfortunately, the news had already hit social media about the alleged kidnap which saw all sorts of comments coming up such as this; The story of the Greenhill kids that were grabbed on their way to Dubai to sell phones has really shocked me! The sickest part is the kid that crafted the whole plot, never left school! Just sent his boys to go withdraw 300m from an account to start business, one of the allegations stated.

Luckily, the students have been reunited with their family and the school has cleared itself of any allegations attached to it because of the activities that transpired that day with the students who were kidnaped incident.


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