Nobert Mao Appointment by Gen Museveni, a Win for Opposition

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Following the appointment of Democratic Party Chairman General Nobert Mao by General Museveni, opposition finally got the win they had been longing for. This is finally like letting the whore getting married to her long term crush.

Today, the county was informed through a document signed by President Museveni that Nobert Mao is the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs which shocked most Ugandan since Mao has always claimed to be in antagonism with the government.

This follows an event that was held yesterday in which Mao and President Museveni signed documents which formed an alliance between the National Resistance Movement and the Democratic Party.

Prior to this, Nobert Mao had always claimed he would never cross over from his party to join the ruling government. He alleged that no amount of money would be sufficient to buy him away from his beloved Democratic party.

At the time, he even mocked Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago for crossing over from the Democratic party to join the Forum for Democratic Change during the recently concluded elections. In his perspective, whoever would cross over from opposition to the ruling party should be considered a hypocrite and a political prostitute.

However, despite all his claims to be loyal to the opposition, other opposition leads doubted him. During the recently concluded elections, the opposition attempted to form a bloc but the National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi rejected the suggestion claiming they were hypocrites like Nobert Mao.

Nobert Mao equally returned the favor as he claimed there was no difference between the National Unity Platform and the National Resistance Movement since the two were one pretending to be separate camps.

This has been the cat and mouse game between the two until Nobert Mao finally signed the documents showing his shift and merge with the National Resistance Movement.


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