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I Want to be Museveni’s Side Chic Poem Author Ashaba Annah Summoned by ISO

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The Internal Security Organization (ISO) Uganda has reportedly summoned the author of I Want to be Museveni’s side chic poem author Ashaba Annah aka Ashannah Annah to appear and talk about her poem that was reportedly directed to president Museveni.

This Rukungiri born Ashaba Annah is a fresh graduate from Makerere University who recently wrote a poem that was directly hitting at Uganda’s president Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on her social media account. In her poem, Ashaba Annah was reporting on how she would advise ‘Museveni’ on how to run this country Uganda without being brutal or cruel.

She added that she would ask him to take her to a vacation and ask him to handover power peacefully without shedding blood. The write up was perceived with a positive energy and she later on sparked off a buzz amongst the government top organizations like ISO.

On that note, she received a call from the Deputy Director General of ISO Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi who she met and they had a lengthy talk about the I want to be Museveni’s side chic poem. And Ashaba Annah says that after the talk, the two ‘agreed to disagree that Ugandans need change’.

She was not arrested, nor brutalized in any way, after she received numerous warnings that she would be whisked away in a drone and get tortured for what she wrote. She says that she did not do anything to hide since her poem was a free spirited one and not directed to do any attack on the person of the president.

Ashaba Annah ISO
Ashaba Anna (second right) pose for a photo with ISO bosses

As she left the office of Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi, she says she asserted to him that she will not stop writing such pieces until their is transition of power. On the same note, she asked if the rest of the security organs could use the same dialog approach to counter political opponents and free political prisoners.

I appreciate the dialogical approach he used and wish they used the same on other opponents, and by the same spirit free political prisoners. I won’t stop writing.(This I asserted to him) I don’t fear being kidnapped or droned. I won’t get compromised into doing something I don’t want to. In fact after this meeting, I feel more determined to continue writing and sharing my thoughts, satirical or not. I owe this to my country and to generations to come” firm Ashaba Annah (Ashannah Annah) asserted.


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