AUDIO: Leaked Audio Reveals Shocking Plan of Killing Full Figure After Exposing Top Members

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Presidential advisor on matters of the youth and artistes, motor-mouthed, socialite and singer Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full-Figure is currently in need of everyone’s prayers as you read this, anything bad is set to happen to her any time after she went bare knuckles with NRM top officials and other members of the ruling party by abusing and exposing them telling them how they don’t even share her work even if she does it for the good of NRM and how they want to kill the president.

In this leaked audio, Full Figure first abused the NRM people who have bad hearts and do not wish her anything good especially when the president gives her authority over something or when she gets blessed by the president. She continued to sting the NRM people by exposing them that they are the ones that abuse people on social media and even abuse themselves and then start saying it is the People Power ‘goons’ who abuse yet it is the NRM members using fake accounts that do so to taint a bad image to People Power.

In retaliation, the yet to be identified men went into a private group chat which was basically about how to completely eliminate Full Figure from the picture and they added that the president Museveni should first know about it and they tie her up, put her in the boot of the car and throw her in Mabira forest and leave her there lifeless.


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These irritated men continued to ask themselves what Full figure thinks she is in the NRM or the government at large. They asserted that they loved her when she was pointing guns at People Power but if she started to point them to NRM, they must eliminate her. One man in the same conversation was heard asking a one Maama Nankya to stop shielding Full Figure they let the men work on her accordingly.




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