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Who is Naira Ali? Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Nabattu Naira Ali alias Naira Ali is one of the Ugandan vocalists who is under-celebrated. Naira Ali is
immensely talented and those who have an ear to her music will agree to that. Exposed Uganda caught
up with this song bird to find out what she’s up to lately.

Naira Ali is a Ugandan vocalist born from the Buganda’s ‘Enjovu’ clan. She is also a mother to a beautiful eight-year- old daughter. The Sikyalinda singer remains among artists that have remained peripherals of the music industry.

Her other songs like Nakupenda, Binyuma, Masala, Shy girl and the most recent one serial
killer will have you nodding in the affirmative. Naira Ali has been singing professionally since 2015 and has two ten track albums. She’s currently working on her third album.

More so, Naira Ali has had a few collabos including one with Ziza Bafana and the current one with talented American Rapper called Kanin (Black is Beautiful). The song bird always dreamt of and had a huge crush on Navio, a Ugandan rapper who is now married so he’s definitely out of the question.

The hearts this Ugandan Rapper has broken are just out of this league but that will be a story for another day. Asked about her love life Naira was quoted saying, ‘Am simply living my life, am not any of that and I don’t think I need any of it right now.’

This comes after she updated her social media ‘After the struggle, omwana ngenda mwanjula,’ contradicting what she earlier said in the interview. Let’s see how it all plays out for this diva after the struggle.

She also came out to clear the air about her relationship with Sipapa, ‘I have never been in any kind of
relationship with Sipapa and I will never be. No offence.’ In this covid19 pandemic, Naira Ali is lucky to have started moving her music to online platforms despite the fact that she wasn’t 100% there.

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise as it has actually helped her be more serious with her music and strategizing. Her music is now on all online platforms and she’s happy to say she’s earning from it.

The sexy songstress hopes that in five years’ time her music will be heard and seen by all over the world
and will be dubbed the Best Female African Artist. She also urges all upcoming artist to always follow
their dreams, work hard, pray and work on improving every single day.

At the moment, the R&B singer Naira Ali is having the time of her life in the U.S.A, all her looks and accents changing simultaneously.


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Five things you didn’t know about Naira Ali

1. She lets things flow naturally because everything has its time
2. She prides in how she got pregnant with her baby girl and giving birth to her
3. She finds her whole body sexy but gives exception to her boobies
4. She sings for the soul and to inspire
5. She can’t live without God, Money and love

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