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Who inspired Sheebah to construct her mansion?

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Although Sheebah constructed her mansion years back, it is a big wonder to who may have driven her to work hard to the extent of constructing such a big house as well as to invest in such a venture.

The eldest of Kyagulanyi brothers Eddy Yawe also recently entered his multi-billion Kira mansion. However, since he entered his mansion, the buzz has been about how glamourous the house is. We haven’t taken time to learn of what drove him to construct his how.

During a one on one interview with the artist, he went on to reveal what drove the construction of his mansion was Sheebah’s mansion. According to him, once he saw the Sheebah’s house, he was compelled to do more.

By the time Sheebah entered her mansion, Eddy Yawe had been constructing for close to five years. His initial plan was never to construct a mansion. But after he learnt of Sheebah’s progress, he decided to go bigger.

“I have spent six to seven years constructing this house. Initially, it was not to be a storied flat. I was challenged by Sheebah so I adjusted the design,” Eddy Yawe said.

As for Sheebah who has become such a prime figure in the country to an extent of inspiring fellow artists to work beyond their means and develop. Her manager Jeff Kiwa so happens to be the driving factor to her success.

“I will forever be grateful to you Jeff for having done this for me. Many are making money, but it is not being put to good use, but you were there to see this project to completion while I was busy with performance, thank you, I’ve not done this alone, thank you my team,” Sheebah appreciated the effort.

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Therefore, everyone certainly needs inspiration especially while trying to accomplish things in life that they believe maybe out of their reach yet they actually have the capacity to accomplish whatever they dream of.

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