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Chameleon gifts baby brother weasel a car

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Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, gifts his brother Goodlyfe singer Douglas Mayanja a.k.a Weasel manizo a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Weasel revealed this on his Instagram account thanking his elder brother for thinking about him and sharing his blessings. “If we could all share the blessings, what a wonderful world, thank you big bro for sharing your blessing.”

Talking of blessings, the leero hit maker, chameleon received a new car on Sunday, he has been trending for his new Range Rover of UBJ series that he received as a gift from NRM; Michael Nuwagira aka Toyota, President Yoweri Museveni’s brother and Emmanuel Ruhakana Akandwanaho alias Emma.

However his younger brother, Weasel manizo on the other hand is not doing well musically and one would be right to say that he lost relevance after the death of counterpart Radio . But chameleon has not stopped looking out for him just like any other caring elder brother would have done.

The three Mayanja brothers Chameleon, Weasel and Pallaso have all been in the Ugandan music industry for a while now, thriving and releasing chart-topping hits and not forgetting their random cat fights. But at the end of the day reconciling and looking out for each other just like family does.

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