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Vyper Ranking – Biography, Music, Life and Net Worth

Vyper Ranking is a Ugandan artiste that has been here for some time, and Times Uganda is bringing your favorite artiste. This is in form of his biography, life, relationship, music and net worth. He is known for hits like No Nuh Dem among others.

Vyper Ranking Biography

Born as Ayire Saddam in 1994, in Karamoja, acquired his stage name Vyper Ranking after going musical.


Vyper Ranking he attended Kamuli C/U Primary School for his PLE and Standard S.S.S for his secondary education (UCE).

Music Journey

He started his music when he was still in Primary school because he used to mime songs and everyone used to tell him that he can sing. In secondary school he started writing for some students’ song lyrics for money.

In 2016, he went professional and recorded his first album called ‘No nuh Dem.’ He has collaborated with a lot of artistes and performed on various big shows and concerts. He has songs like Kululwo, Sivaawo, Tebimala, Soma and many others.

Vyper Ranking has done music genres like dancehall, reggae and afro. Aside from music Vyper is
a professional refrigerator technician and spray painter, he has never left these jobs.

He has also taught a lot of people in this line of business and his confident that his businesses can still
run even in his absence.

Music Challenges

One of the challenges he faces is being underrated, some people tend to know more about his music and make certain statements while on TV or Radio which diverts his fans, promoting his music is also another challenge because most of these promoters or Dj’s want money to do something for you, he has also taken long without working ever since the pandemic set in.


According to him, he wouldn’t mind dating or getting married to someone in his line of work because to him love can push you to someone you never wished for and like they say love is blind. He is single.


Vyper Ranking thanks his management Bantu Entertainment Africa for having been there for him through thick and thin. He has managed to stay vibrant in these pandemic times and has managed to release some great videos which artistes haven’t been able to do. Apart from music he owns some small businesses which have helped him and the people he is accountable to.

Vyper Ranking Net Worth

The singer has not shared his net worth yet, but he charges from1 million shillings and above for a performance. He also earns from his YouTube channel and other music selling platforms globally.

Advise to Upcoming Artistes

His advice to upcoming artistes is you must be creative, be humble to attract people to work with you.

1. He is a Karamojong
2. He never finished school
3. He is very kind and trustworthy
4. He does not booze or use any kind of drugs


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