VIDEO: We Are Tired of the Senseless Lockdown – Jose Chameleone Goes Bare Knuckles With the Government

"If They Don't Wake Up, We Shall Wake Them Up"

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  • Jose Chamelone attacks the government openly exposing its weaknesses and demands to lift the lockdown as people are dying from homes due to lack of food....
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Musician cum politician Joseph Mayanja popularly known as Jose Chameleone has come and roared tasking the government to free the citizens  and lift the lockdown  branding it “senseless” as he asserts that majority of the populace are fed up of the conditions brought about with the lockdown.

Jose Chameleone who is as well hoping for the Kampala City Mayoral seat has publicly addressed his
concern and for the people he intends to represent that the conditions have marginalized the local man and suppressed the economy. In a lengthy post shared by the singer who doubles as an aspiring politician, he clearly outlines the underlying  reasons as to why the government should lift the lockdown to enable a local man survive.

UGANDA,  A country of peace and freedom Has become a den of promises and hope. We have waited and waited so long!! We have abide but now that we know other societies are moving forth as they have always done we are keeping backward.  Let’s pick onto the world tempo as COVID19 is a worldwide pandemic.  You have addressed us sir, we have heeded too.  Let Uganda go world tempo than keeping us home as the world moves forth.”People are tired of the senseless “LOCKDOWN”” the horse voiced Chameleone started his ordeal.

Chameleone further reveals that just in case if the government  and authorities fail come to the rescue of the common man, they (Chameleone and company) shall keep pushing for the reopening of most of the businesses  and lifting of the lockdown.  Chameleone stresses that most of the countries across the globe have lifted the lockdown and their citizens are working normally unlike back in Uganda.

Other countries are opening, Let people have food on the table as you promised some of us were left out!! Open up and let’s do it ourselves.  #Tukooye #SOULTIONS  #NoNedda #PeoplePower  Abaantu Bakooye!!!!!!!! Ffenna Tukoye!! Chameleone affirmed

If they don’t wake up, We shall wake them Up”  Jose Chameleone




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