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VIDEO: Trending Martha reportedly takes her own life

There has been a trending video on social media of a lady from Zambia known as Martha who was caught having s3x with her pastor by her husband while pregnant. The husband to Martha recorded them and posted the video on social media and it ended up going viral.

In this video, she was recorded nak3d and the pastor who is said to be a Congolese. The husband to her through the video kept on telling them not to move and asking Martha why she did what she did. One of Zambia’s social media reported that the pastor was completing a ritual because Martha had taken a long time without getting pregnant.

She was barren and the Congolese pastor helped making her pregnant” netizens informed. New information suggests that, the trending video, in which a lady identified as Martha who was begging for mercy from her husband after being caught red handed with another man, was actually performing The last Ritual for safe Delivery.

Sources say the 2 individuals, the ungodly papa and her were performing the last ritual, as she she was barren for sometime and the Congolese pastor assisted In bringing the fruit of the woman,” News coming in now through Twitter indicate that Martha took her own life after the embarrassment.

The news is like that at the moment and that’s the update we have about the Martha trending video. It should be noted that social media has led to so many suicides because of the bullying that goes on their and others have gone into depression, have had stress and mental issues.

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