Video: Dr. Kuluthum Nabunya introduces husband Akram to parents

The late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s wife Dr. Kuluthum Nabunya has introduced husband Akram Gumusiriza to her parents. Dr. Kuluthum was married to Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata for a long time. The two got married when Kuluthum was still in school and he decided to pay for her School fees throughout her school life.

As Muslims, it is allowed to marry a young girl and that’s what Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata did exactly. The two had one child together before his death. Being much younger than Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, after his death, Dr. Kuluthum Nabunya still had a life to live like any other girl. One of those things is finding a man to make her happy and live a better life.

Without hesitation one year after Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata ‘s death, Dr. Kuluthum got herself a young man who she says looks like her late husband Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata. This man is known as Gumusiriza Akram and he has been living and working in South Africa for so many years. After their kukyala ceremony that was done months ago, a lot of negative words were said about them and one of the statements made was that Akram Gumusiriza is living a double life.

Even a lady who is said to have been staying with her came out in the media crying saying Akram stole money from her and he used it to marry Dr. Kuluthum Nabunya leaving her heartbroken and alone. Ugandans thought this would change something in the relationship between Akram and Dr. Kuluthum but nothing was changed apart from their love growing bigger and better each day.

The couple even became more public and yesterday they held a beautiful introduction ceremony inviting their close friends and relatives. They looked beautiful and stunning according to the photos shared on social media.

Watch video here

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