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Uganda is not Iraq- Isma Olaxees tells Muslim Clerics

Social media blogger  and influencer Isma Olaxees has told all Muslims attacking MC Mariachi that Uganda is not Iraq. This follows online protests from some Moslem clerics demanding an apology from the comedian.

These said that Mariachi recently pulled off jokes on their religion that were demeaning and offensive.  Consequently, Mariachi issued an apology and even other comedians apologized on his behalf.

These Moslem clerics however, are seemingly not ready to forgive him yet. They have attacked the comedian saying on top of not being funny, his jokes rely too much on vulgarity and demeaning people’s cultures.

However, Isma Olaxees believes that these are being way too fanatic and overly sensitive. The blogger said that Uganda is not Iraq or other staunch religious countries where the sharia law works.

And besides Mariachi is a comedian whose jokes have to be derived from the social aspects of people. Further, he cited an example of the Bizonto who use Christian attires and skits yet the church has never come out to blast them.

I think its better we don’t turn into fanatics. This is not Iraq where we live in a sharia law. Uganda is a secular and multi religion country. I think its better to call and sit him down and tell him what he did was wrong. He’s a comedian which people ought to know. He therefore can’t be making his jokes about trees. Take an example of the Bizonto who perform in church gowns, I have never heard the Christians make a fuss about it,” said Isma.

This is not the first time Mariachi is being forced to apologize by Moslems. A few years back he was forced to apologize to the Muslim community by the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata over comments that were also deemed offensive


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