TV owners to pay fines if someone is insulted.

Uganda Communication Commission has ruled that TV owners shall be expected to pay a fine if someone is defamed on their television station.

These new guidelines come shortly after NBS presenter Kayz was charged for having defamed OS Suna. Claiming that the house Suna had show cased was not his. That actually his girlfriend financed the entire building process.

After his arrest, the presenter was remanded to Kitalya prison. He was companied by other persons that were part of the show including Brian Wako and Marko. The group later appeared before the Chief magistrate at Buganda Road.

In order to avoid this bureaucratic procedure, the Uganda Communication Commission has come with mechanisms meant to safe guard media houses from falling prey of defamation as well as ruining other people’s reputations.

These are the guidelines meant to be followed by media houses hence fourth;

A TV owner is to pay hefty fines in dollars per second each time someone insults people using their television station.
Uganda Communication Commission is also set to vet all television procedures.
Finally, some type of television shows are going on hold on all television stations hence fourth.

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Therefore, media houses shall be expected to adhere to the above expectations or else they stand a chance to face a hefty sum imposed upon them for tearing apart someone's reputation.

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