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Stop Childhood Hustles Stories – Cindy Sanyu Warns Sheebah

Aspiring UMA presidential candidate Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy Baibe has thrown a jab aimed at her long-term nemesis Sheebah Karungi. Cindy has advised Sheebah to keep silent about her past struggles while growing up because everyone has their painful story to tell.

The self-styled king her self’s words comes after Sheebah went on a rant a few days ago after Minister Sarah Opendi blasted musicians that perform in schools in skimpy outfits.  Sheebah who had her name pointed at by majority people came out to defend herself saying that she won’t shoulder anyone’s parental roles.

The Queen karma said that parents should groom their kids the way they see right. Besides they should impart the right morals in them such that when a child sees Sheebah, they can only admire her music and not lifestyle.

However, Cindy Sanyu says the Minister was right. Someone sane can’t go to perform for minors dressed like they are going to perform for adults. Cindy who is one of the most indecent artists on stage added that she’s always mindful of her audience. She would therefore never dress in skimpy outfits to perform for kids.

She then said that Sheebah should keep her childhood trauma to herself because people pay for her music and not background.

People don’t really care about who you are and where you have passed to get where you are. I would therefore advise her to keep her childhood trauma to herself. I appreciate the Minister for coming out to openly condemn indecent dressing when performing in schools or for minors. As a woman and a mother, you ought to know that these children are not yet ready for what you’re feeding to them,” said Cindy.

In her rant, Sheebah had highlighted how nobody has the right to tell her how to live her life. This is because none of them was there as she begged for food and place to live in while growing up. Cindy Sanyu was left untouched.


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