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Skylanta – Biography, Education, Family , Music, Net Worth

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When we mention the name Skylanta, we know most of you will have images of Anne Kansiime flashing in your minds. Well, we bring to you Skylanta’s  biography, net worth, education, music journey and all you need to know about him.

Skylanta Biography and Age

Born Tukahirwa Abraham on the 15/04/1991, he adapted the stage name Skylanta after making it to the music industry. He is born in Rukungiri, Western part of Uganda, and he is from a family of four and is the last born of the three.

His flexibility and fun side of his enabled him to get in a strong and solid relationship with his current lover, Anne Kansiime.

Skylanta Education Background

As he grew up and ready for education, he started from Mbarara Junior school, in Mbarara city for his Primary Leaving Certificate (PLE) from 1998 to 2005. The singer then, pushed on to Eden International school (2006-2006) still in Mbarara city for his Ordinary level (O Level) and it is where he did his Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) from.

Tukahirwa Abraham alias Skylanta in his biography did not stop his dream on education, he there after joined Vine High school from 2010-2011. He acquired his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education certificate that enabled him to go to Uganda Christian University for his tertiary education.

Music Journey

Skylanta was born and raised by a church leader, something that introduced him to music and exposed him to musical instruments at an early age. He learnt how to use many musical instruments, thus picking the whole thing with ease to make him one of the most celebrated musicians in Western Uganda.

In 2018, the singer started a live band called Pulse Ug Band and Entertainment. This specifically majors in providing educational, social, economic and emotional literacy through music and entertainment. Later on, Pulse Ug Band and Entertainment picked up and it is one of the most successful bands in Western Uganda.

His songs are known for being comic and of Reggae mostly, the genre that touches souls so deep, the same style he ushered his wife into. His songs include; Pause, Ninkwenda, Sheka Mpora, Omunyakyaaro, Hemba, Some more and many others.

Skylanta Family and Children

He is a father and husband, the singer is engaged to the top Comedienne and entertainer in East Africa, Africa at large, philanthropist Anne Kansiime and the two have a lovely baby boy called Selassie Ataho

Skylanta biography
Skylanta and his love, Anne Kansiime

Net Worth

Skylanta (biography) he has not yet revealed his actual net worth, although he has been in the entertainment industry for long, that puts him in Ugandans celebrities that have some huge sums of cash on them and investments.

That is all for Skylanta biography for now, any added information kindly contact us on our email timesug2@gmail.com


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