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SHOCKING: The Bitter Truth Behind Tina’s Scoop on Scoop Show Suspension Revealed

It is not What You Think!

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Recently the internet has been swimming in the news of former NTV Uganda presenter and daughter to famous motivational speaker Frank Gashumba known as Shielah Gashumba and suspended Urban Television Scoop on Scoop show host Tina Fierce and the two haven’t been in good terms to the exent that Tina’s show was suspended by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)

In a statement that UCC issued, it showed that Scoop on Scoop show was being abusive and way out of control where everyone was attacked but hey, this whole thing wasn’t about Tina and Sheilah rift as a close inside source revealed to us that Tina’s woes had started long time when she did a show and attacked president Museveni.

This source further revealed that when Tina attacked the president the day he addressed the country and did the “okuwuuta obuugi’ (sipping porridge) and Tina advised him to always put the microphone off when he feels its time to kuuta obuugi saying it was making nagging sounds. This fell in the hands of the Senior press secretary to the president Don Wanyana and he instantly forwarded it to UCC for further investigations.

By the time Sheilah started a campaign to bring Tina to her kneels and apologize for defamation, the UCC had already the case at hand to pin and punish Tina. And the State used that chance to make a decision to suspend the show since no one would know the genesis of Tina’s problems.


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Actually to affirm this, Tina made a tweet immediately the show was suspended and asked Sheilah to remain humble and calm saying that all this was not as a result of her famous #StopCyberBullyingInUganda campaign, an indicator that Tina knew all her problems did not originate from Sheilah but rather the attack she made to the president. This saw even Twitter influencers and others that supported the campaign being lynched and roasted to pulp by Tina’s fans and up to now, they are still serving the wrath of the jilted fans.

Tina’s Tweet Hitting Sheilah

And the other news we have for you is that Vision Group is making sure the Scoop on Scoop show returns as it was just suspended not banned.Tina herself is well set to return to your screens as the legal teams do there job. It is further quipped that the show will be restructured and made some how loose without direct attacks.

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