Shine Omukiga in an emotional message to late dad

Singer Shine Omukiga, a young sister to famous comedian Anne Kansiime has penned down an emotional message to the late father as they mark one year after his death. Anne Kansiime’s father passed on last year after suffering short illness. He died shortly after his wife the mother to the girls also died.

According to Shine Omukiga, her father was too close to her and she can’t imagine living without him although she is an old woman who can take care of herself. Shine Omukiga said they miss their father like nothing but they hope he is with their mother where he is.

In this emotional message, Shine Omukiga told the father that he shouldn’t mine they are doing fine and Anne Kansiime is having her own reality show. Here is the full message.

It is a year since you joined mom in heaven dad. I have never missed anyone as much as I miss you daddy Wangye. Words alone can never satisfy the description of how much I miss you. But God continues to comfort us and ohhhh how you would have been even prouder of us today Mzee! 

I am a mother now. Yes! A beautiful baby boy that looks more like you than he does like me. I named him CHRISTOPHER after you my hero. Anne has her own reality TV show airing! Taremwa has grown into such a handsome intelligent young man. No longer the baby but rather the head of the family. 

Apollo finally got a well paying job dad. Olive is almost done with her course at UNI and Allen like always is still the sane one of us all and the guardian Angel she’s always been. See dad, we are okay. Continue to rest In Peace my Angel. Send my love to mom. Will tell you about it all when we meet again in glory” Shine Omukiga

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