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Sheilah Gashumba’s Fan Asks Her These That Will Make Her Deactivate Her Social Media Accounts

A few days ago, Sheilah Gashumba took it on her twitter showing how proud she is, to be Frank Gashumba‘s
She said that no one attacks the Gashumba family and goes away with it.she also said that hurting them
is like getting a loan that you must pay back with interests even if it after five years later.
Indeed I am frank Gashumba’s daughter, if you attack us, we will find you under your bed any day at any
time. if you hurt us, take it as a loan, you will pay back with interests even if its 5years later,” Sheilah

Following this tweet, most of the fans were left confused and imagining what sheilah’s life would look
like if she was the first daughter or if she was a minister’s daughter.
The way Sheilah Gashumba brags about being Gashumba’s daughter, imagine if she was a minister’s
daughter, just imagine if she had a degree, iye imagines if she had a sensible boyfriend. No just imagine
if she was the most beautiful. Imagine,’ @gbkatatumba wrote.
Another tweep also could not stop imagining how she would be acting if she was working with the BBC, or if
the dad was the Chief Justice .’256Rsk’

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For a while now, Sheilah Gashumba has been driving social media; she started with Tina Fierce who in
the end was suspended from the urban TV show and now she has attacked Kasuku all in the name of
stopping social media bullying in Uganda.

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