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Sheebah Can Now Also Compete With Male Artistes – Cindy Twists her Cold With Sheebah, Applauds Her

Story Highlights
  • Sheebah and Cindy have been at loggerheads for over 3 years now
  • Cindy proved Sheebah that she can only battle men not fellow women
  • Sheebah now welcomed to the table of 'men' by Cindy
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One of the best female Artists Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy appreciates Sheebah Karungi’s work. Cindy thanks Sheebah Karungi for empowering girls. In an interview with local television, Cindy who has for a long time been on beef with Sheena showed her softening and change in the lockdown where she massaged Sheebah back than scratching it.

King Herself Cindy credited her sworn enemy Sheebah for empowering a girl child. In addition, many people loom up to her. She also added saying that in a society full of Male chauvinism, Sheebah has proved to so many men that what a man can do, a woman can do better. Sheebah has managed to successfully compete with the Males in the industry.

I thank Sheebah Karungi for she has managed to empower a girl child and many people look up to her. She has managed to compete in the industry full of competition. Sheebah also competes with the male artistes in the industry” Cindy said

Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu

It should be noted that this may be positive applause as at the beginning of this year, Sheebah Karungi launched her Holic Pads company which is most beneficial to a girl child as they are said to be safe and accessible cheaply.

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