Rapper Gravity Omutujju Releases Tetugatta Song

It is just a few days since the singer Gravity Omutujju released a song at it was about the jailed Lumbuye Fred called Kiggula Lugi, now the rapper has come back again with Tetugatta/Tetugata brand new song 2021. In this song, he explains a lot about social life.

Tetugata song comes in a time where the music industry is not going on well with artistes as they thrive to see how to make ends meet. But still, they have to make it through music although bars are still closed, music is not selling, but fans want entertainment.

In that case, Gravity Omutujju releases Tetugata through music selling platforms like Spotify in order to make some reasonable sales, and he stands firm in his pockets. Tetugatta song reminds us the old days of the rapper where his music flows like he doesn’t mean to make it flow.

On the same note, Tetugatta speaks volumes about people on the social scene who really assume so much tightness. Gravity Omutujju reveals the whole feeling and the bad vibe one gets when they are not so tied up with that ‘buddy’



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