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Private Women Group Exposing Lovers

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As others are jotting down new year resolutions for the year 2022, Women in a certain private women group on one of the social media platforms ended 2021 and started 2022 with a new wave of solving infidelity amongst relationships and getting the closure that they need to either move on or stay in relationships. This came to our reporters attention when a newly wedded bride’s marriage ended after a lady on this platform posted a picture of her so-called “boyfriend” and wanted to know who else was enjoying his loaded wallet and cassava.

Nisha (not real name) approached Times Reporter with shocking details about the said private group. 2 weeks after her white wedding, Nisha chose to look through her social media feeds, update her profile with her wedding pictures. Being a member of the said group, she decided to go through the recent activities only to find a picture of her husband posted under the hashtag #Zulagomulyanaye. Nisha decided to go to the comment section and find out what would be the end of her fairytale. In the comment section three women claimed to be enjoying the man’s cassava and another boasted of how she had just returned from a trip that he sponsored. As for Nisha, her new found marriage had ended even before it had started.

The hashtag #Zulagomulyanaye is not for the weak hearted ladies in this private group and is a way for ladies in relationships to get closure. Two ladies run this hashtag and whoever is courageous enough sends in a picture of her man with clear proof that she is actually dating him or the man wooing her. It’s then later uploaded into the group’s feed for the others to either affirm they know him or not. In cases where more than 2 or three people affirm to chewing his cassava, the ladies then meet up and talk about it, settle their differences or bury the hatchet and deal with the man in whatever way they deem fit. All this being done without the knowledge or consent of the said “man” in the picture.

Nisha is one of the many women whose marriages have been broken by the said hashtag but also revealed stuff she wouldn’t have discovered. For many ladies this may be an opportunity in disguise to expose their lovers and put them to a loyalty test if they have been loyal or sneaking around. Women are wired in a way that they recognise a player, a cheater or a committed man by his actions and words therefore this hashtag has partly opened women’s eyes and also destroyed some.

It should also be noted that when this private group was opened it violated Facebook community set rules and regulations and has been closed down three times. #Zulagomulyanaye isn’t the only thing that this private group prides in, It also prides in Ssenga sessions where women are given tactics on kwetega, detooth rich men, tie their lovers, be beasts in bed and all the secrets to make a memorable first sex experience, dating advise and so many other things that women would want to have power of the men in their lives.

The question that lingers around is, are the men being posted using this hashtag aware of this and the dangers it could actually cause their homes, marriages and social lives?

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