Police disappointed in media outlets for spreading fake news

Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire is disappointed in media outlets for spreading fake news about Pretty Nicole’s case. This case of a young girls fighting for a man started on social media. It started with videos that were circulation of Pretty Nicole being severely physically assaulted by friends for sleeping with their boyfriend. The videos were very disturbing and all Ugandans jumped on it asking police to look for the suspects and give Nicole Pretty justice.

As Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire jumped on the case and started updating Ugandans on the case. But he was surprised by the information media put out contradicting with his information. When it came to the arrest, Luke Owoyesigyire first tweeted saying the arresting was pending and media personalities took it the wrong way. When retired Police person Asan Kasingye asked about the case, his words were also misinterpreted by the media and put out in another way.

Now Luke Owoyesigyire is wondering how Uganda media outlets are professional due to the way they handles the Pretty Nicole’s case. He insisted that only one suspect 18 years old Kafta Queen is the one that has been arrested not other suspects like they have been saying in the media.

“How proffesional are some of these media outlets ? @AKasingye was only asking to know whether they were arrested and u guys are just putting it out there as confirmation of arrest. The Police has only one suspect (Kafta Queen, 18 ) and we still looking for four others ,” Luke Owoyesigyire tweeted.

It should be noted that in the videos that made rounds on social media, Pretty Nicole was seen being beaten by four girls. But only one is the prime suspect because she is the one that has invited her for a birthday but ended up beating her up.

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