Online Platforms are Paying Me Than NBS Television – Tamale Mirundi

A few days ago Tamale Mirundi threatened to start his own radio station after being banned from being hosted on NBS television or any radio station in the country after criticizing the big people in the government.

Now Tamale has come out saying that he didn’t know that he was missing out of money making opportunities while spending his time on the One on One Show where he was not earning a penny. He revealed his son Junior Tamale helped him to take his show online where he can still
communicate to his audience.


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He is more so pleased with what he has so far achieved and with no regrets he says that the future looks brighter than it was. He says that he has made a lot of money within the few days he was banned on TV.

The One on One Show on NBS television had come in his away because it had never given Tamale Mirundi an opportunity to think that there are money making opportunities online.  He says that he was blind about the online potential but now that he knows he must not rely on any television.

Within just a few days. I have made a lot of money. I have been missing out on money making
opportunities. I did not know about the online potential. I don’t think can again rely on anyone’s TV anymore because with the help of my son I now have brains that can keep me going”  Tamale Mirundi roared.

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