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No Artist should be PAID to perform on a fellow artist’s concert – Crysto Panda

Media personality turned singer Crysto Panda has expressed his concerns about paying fellow artistes when it comes to performing at their concerts. In Uganda, the technology is not yet that advanced they artistes get money from their content off social media like YouTube or Tiktok and other platforms like any other advanced countries.

Ugandan artistes earn more from stage performances in different places or those with capacity to stage their own concerts that may be able to bring in more money for their careers. Over the weekend, Eddy Kenzo had a festival at Kololo airstrip and so many artistes showed up to to support him and perform without any payment.

Crysto Panda who was also among the artistes that performed for free we t ahead to take to social media asking fellow artistes to also do the same as a way of supporting each other. Crysto Panda’s statement left fans wondering how artistes are going to keep their careers moving on if they are not making money out of performing at these concert.

“No Artist should be PAID to perform on a fellow artist’s concert ,” Crysto Panda tweeted.

Crysto Panda has been in the music industry for some few years now and he has like two hit songs one with Sheebah Karungi and another one his single. Being in the media Crysto Panda said he is singing because it is passion, he hasn’t thought of making that much money from it or making it professional.

It should be remembered that few weeks ago, Crysto Panda was involved in a feud with fellow singer Zex Bilangilangi after he failed to perform at one of his concerts after paying him. Zex Bilangilangi said he was paid little money for the performance and it was in the time that didn’t favor his schedule.

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