Crysto Panda’s Talent is Unmatched – Sheebah Scratches Cindy’s Back

Story Highlights
  • Crysto Panda first asked Cindy to do a remix of his Kyoyina Omanya song and she refused
  • He went on and did it with Sheebah and it is now doing well in Uganda
  • Sheebah reignites her war of words with Cindy in a way of praising Crysto Panda
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In today’s world full of competition a few people appreciate what others bring on table from the music industry. In addition Team, No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi came up and whole-heartedly praised Crysto Panda. She said that his talent is unmatched and he is in the music industry to stay. She also asked the audience to embrace his handwork.

Crysto Panda is here to stay and his talent is unmatched. We should all embrace this hardworking young man. He is a good brand in the music industry and also passionate about his career” Sheebah said. Panda has managed to make it music because he’s passionate about it. In addition, and he takes criticisms from his fans, this has helped him improve his music.

It should be remembered that recently King herself Cindy Sanyu revealed how he bounced Crysto Panda’s request to put her voice in his Kyoyina Omanya song and asked him to go and find people like spice Diana because the two might be speaking the same musical language.

Crysto Panda
Crysto Panda

This came as a blessing in disguise. Panda asked for a Kyolina Omanya remix from Sheebah Karungi who accepted and now their piece is making rounds as one of the topmost played songs of this time on all radios and other platforms.


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Kitya Muweesi Herbert aka Crysto Panda is a Ugandan music artist, singer, songwriter, television presenter, and show that started from his popular show called T Nation that has been airing on local television, NTV Uganda.

He was born in Masaka, central Uganda at a place called Kabonera and lost both his parents when he was still young and struggled to see himself through life and school.

Crysto Panda is a graduate at Datamine Technical Business School with a Diploma in Journalism and graduated in 2019. He currently works with NTV Uganda still and hosts a show called The Beat and lost his first child on 21st June 2020.

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