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My friends are jealousy because I am dating Zari – Shakib Lutaaya

South Africa based socialite Zarinah Ttale also known as Zari the Boss lady’s boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya is not happy with his friends behavior towards his relationship. Shakib and Zari the Boss lady started dating few months ago after she separated with another young boyfriend.

With the relationship between Shakib and Zari the Boss lady, she looks to be more happier than ever in a relationship. Every time Zari gets into relationship she makes it public and posts everything about it. Few months into the relationship, Zari the Boss lady looks so happy and comfortable but Shakib has a lot to deal with when it comes to the relationship.

Shakib is struggling with friends and close people who don’t acknowledge of his relationship with Zari Hassan. According to Shakib his friends are jealousy and not supportive when it comes to his relationship. He said they are always pretending to be with him but they say bad things behind his back.

Shakib said when his friends got to know that Zari Hassan was in love with him, they started discouraging him and telling him to stop the relationship. But when he continued they started saying bad things about their relationship. Young Shakib told fellow Ugandans to be aware of such friends who are not supportive and unhappy to see them succeeding and making it in life.

“My friends are not happy with me dating Zari the Boss lady. Before when I wasn’t doing good they were not my friends but the fact that I am now doing better they do don’t want anything to do with me. They always say bad things about me dating Zari and honestly I don’t like it,” Shakib Lutaaya said.

It should be noted that Zari the Boss lady and Shakib revealed that they want to make their relationship official this coming year 2023.

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