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I don’t cheat but I move on fast like 5G WiFi – Zari the Boss lady

South Africa based socialite Zarinah Ttale also known as Zari the Boss lady has revealed that she doesn’t cheat in her life but she moves on very fast like a 5G Wi-Fi. Zari is very popular on social media because she is very successful and beautiful. She lives a good life every woman would have dreamt of but she never settles down in a relationship for long.

The longest time Zari the Boss lady has been in a relationship is with her late husband Ivan Semwanga and the father of her children. She was married to him for so many years although by the time of his death, they were no longer together. From Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari the Boss lady moved on to Tanzania’s biggest artiste Diamond Platnumz who he spent only five years with. In those five years, Zari and Diamond had two children a girl and boy but with infidelities’ Zari left the relationship.

She moved back to South Africa and started her life as usual raising children and getting involved in other relationships too. From Diamond Platnumz, Zari has dated at least five men and the longest she has been in relationship is at least a year. Zari the Boss Lady’s fantasies have also changed because she now prefers dating younger men who are less successful than her.

According to Zari the Boss lady, she never cheats on any man but once she feels disrespected and a man she is in love cheats on her, she just moves on fast to another relationship. Zari said she has nothing to lose once she moves on because the girls they always cheat on her with are less meaningful to what she is looking for in her future.

“I don’t cheat on my boyfriend but what I can say is I move on very fast I am like 5G WiFi. I don’t stand to be disrespected once they cheat on me I don’t wait,” Zari revealed.

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