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My brother can chew whoever he wants – Zari’s sister in law chants

City socialite Zarinah Ttale also known as Zari the Bosslady’s sister in law has no kind words for haters putting down his brother Shakib Lutaaya. Shakib started dating Zari few months ago and throughout their relationship, they have been because of their age difference. Zari the Bosslady is five years older than Shakib and the society looks to be having a a problem with that.

Some fans have been saying Shakib is too young for Zari and he is just being used as a toy boy which Zari has trashed so many times. According to Zari, Shakib is enough to choose whatever he wants and he chose her so nothing to say about it. Recently during Zari the Bosslady’s All White Party, Shakib’s family came in to support him and his girlfriend. One of the elder sisters was interviewed and she didn’t have any cool words for haters.

Zari’s sister in law has gone bare knuckles on naysayers that have constantly made it a habit to spread negative comments about her brother Shakib Cham relationship with Zari. She said Shakib Lutaaya is 35 years of age and he is not a baby like the way people have been taking him. He is old enough and people should stop seeing him as a bad person. His love for Zari the Bosslady is genuine not money minded.

“I am Zari the Bosslady’s sister in-law. Her boyfriend Shakib follows me. People should stop spreading negative comments saying Shakib is young. He is 35 years of age and people should know he has a family. I am saying anything because Zari has money. Their love relationship has nothing to do with our family am just saying because their relationship is genuine they love each other,” Zari’s sister in law revealed.

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