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Mubiru Paul Apologizes for Hawking Grasshoppers on Uganda Airlines

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27-year-old Paul Mubiru who features in the viral video while selling grasshoppers on Uganda Airlines flight UR 446 to Dubai on Friday 26th November, 2021 has apologized for his actions.

According to him, his video was not meant to tarnish the image of the country or the Uganda Airlines workers. But rather for comical purposes and specifically to be uploaded to the famous video application TikTok.

“I am sorry to the fellow countrymen and women, the staff of Uganda Airlines, passengers and everyone hurt by the act on board. I recorded that video in question not to tarnish or ashame the Airlines, the country or the passengers on board but for comedy purposes specifically TikTok deeds. What appears as vending in the video was all for comical purposes but never transactional gains,” his apology read in part.

Shortly after the video had found its way to social media, the Uganda Airlines management released a document in which they apologized for the events that had transpired and shamed the country’s national carrier.

Press Release for Uganda Airlines and Mubiru Paul’s Apology


They went on to explain that the events had been promoted by the fact that the nsenene had been scarce during the most recent season. Therefore, the passengers were excited to have a taste of the local delicacy.

Therefore, the airline promised to add nsenene to their menu for both local and international clients. So that they could have a taste of it whenever they deemed it essential to have a taste of the infamous nsenene.

Mubiru Paul Vending Nsenene

Conclusively, Paul Mubiru attached his passport and also a video to his apology just to show how remorseful he is for the events that transpired on Friday while he was flying Uganda Airlines.

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