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Silence In Relationships Is Not Golden :-MARTHA KAY.

As the saying goes , silence is golden Martha kemigisha kajimba commonly known by her stage name Martha Kay has come to rule out this possibility in a situation. Where someone you love wishes to talk to you every single minute.

Through her twitter handle, the renown Photographer and comedian gave a little advice to couples. Those who wish to keep the love fire burning. Martha Kay cautioned everyone saying that choosing silence as a means of punishment to someone you love is where most couples go wrong.

Furthermore, Martha Kay says every time you decide to keep silent in a relationship you are teaching the other party to survive without you. She said it will be on day and they will go to never look back.

“The unfortunate thing about continuously ignoring someone who loves you, in an effort punish them with your silence, is you teach them how to survive without you. And one day they won’t call back. Learn to treat people well.” She said

However, it should be noted that it’s not only silence that can lead to a relationship break up. But a number of things like cheating, domestic violence, and many other disagreements.

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