LYRICS: Ontwaala Ku Speed by Mun G, Master the Song

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Rapper Mun G despite being well known for his comic lyrics, he has dropped ontwala speed disturbing song on Ugandan local scene. Well, for all the music lovers and most of populace who feel the Lockdown has suppressed them, they can’t stop grooving to this great song with sensational vibe and lyrics.


When you the hobo
Pejoratively hobnobs
With a hobo hoblin
For me, i will not kowtow
In their puhu

CHORUS OF Ontwala speed

Ontwala speed
Ontwaala speed
Ontwala speed
Ontwala Speed
Can I give you 2K?
For fuelling
Come to my room

We do talking
But kyenzudde
You're lying
Why gotta lie
when you want something?
Ontwaala speed
Ontwala speed
Ontwala speed
Ontwaala speed


Make this hit burn
Mu WhatsApp group
Jogging in my room
gwe njagala mulamu
Feeling like a boss
ntaddeko bi night shift
Mpulira ng'ejjembe
you know lock down ting
Nankya kankubuulire
baby nina eki laavu
Njagala nkuyagale
nze if I die I die
Kankumette laavu
ow'ennugu agule obutwa

Yo gavumenti
y’erimanya ky’erimpa
But every time I call
onfuula nga ffala
You have six phones
Nankya oli mbega?
Wefuula busy
Okola nga ki mu lock down?
Kale tukwatireyo
ku ba truck drivers
Coz when I call you home
You have the pejoratively
hobnobbing with hob hobbling
Now what does that mean?
I can never kowtow in ur puhu coz


But if I get real
Me am a cool guy
I don’t have money
Me am a broke guy
But when it comes to loving
Njagala nkuyagale
Amaanyi ge nina
Nsiba n’ente ku ggaali
I never ever beg

Gwe ndaba ndi ku demand
Ye what occured me?
A handsome man?
Oba kuba am loving
what am seeing lady?
Oba kuba you’re looking
like a brand new Benz?
Oba kuba this
Quarantine babe?
Oba am just missing
Something lately?
But if you ever ever
come through prepare
Coz a nigga
Is suffering ova dea


You see?
I had really planned on
fending on you this year
But because of the inconsistencies
The hullabaloo
The higi haga
The crinkum crankum
Am settling for a scientific wedding kitwalo
You see a thing is Nankya

You’re going to move anywhere in the world
But, otawaanira bwereere!

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