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Kalifah Aganaga wants music battle with A Pass

Singer Mukibi Sadat famously known as Kalifah Aganaga has asked for a music battle from fellow singer Alexander Bagonza commonly known as A Pass. A Pass and Khalifa Aganaga have all been relaxed in releasing new music for some years now. For Kalifah Aganaga at least he has been trying to write songs for artistes and be in studio.

But for A Pass, he left singing two years ago and got himself in content creation on social media. He started doing skits of the brands he influences and that’s how he has been earning his money off the music. Although A Pass is one of the most talented artistes in Uganda, he has slowly lost his footing in the Industry. So many young artistes have come up very talented and they have taken over.

Even the last album A Pass put out, didn’t work well for him. It didn’t go viral like any of his songs years ago and that proved how and where he belongs when it comes to the Ugandan music industry. Although A Pass is set to release a new song and get back on track, Aganaga believes he is still better than him in everything.

Despite both of them struggling to come up again, Kalifah Aganaga said he is in for a battle at the moment with APass. According to Aganaga, A Pass is just funny and speaks a lot when not on the microphone. But when time for singing comes he is very behind and he beats him in everyway even in fans.

“I need a music battle with A Pass, I am sure I will beat him in everything. He is talented but I am talented more and I know that. Even the music out I have more than he does. I feel A Pass in me and I know if he allows to battle me I will show him what an artiste in Uganda looks like,” Aganaga said

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