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A Pass says his Anticipated Wife Will be the Luckiest

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Singer Alexander Bagonza also known as A Pass has revealed that he is a special person and the girl he will marry will be the luckiest to have him as a husband. A Pass has been in the music industry for some time but with him being 33 years now, he hasn’t had a child or official girlfriend.

Years back, A Pass was flaunting social media influencer and Actress Martha Kay as his girlfriend but he has now stated that the relationship failed to work and they focused on being friends only. According to A Pass, he hasn’t been able to marry or have a child because he has thought he isn’t ready. But his dream is to have a stable family and be the best husband, father ever.

Outspoken A Pass said he has been trying to date multiple ladies but he hasn’t found the right one for him. Every time he puts his heart out it comes back broken and he is tired of it. He said he is now waiting for a girl to date him by herself and the girl should do it rightly like men do it because he is a special and deserves the best.

“I am a special man and a girl that will have me as her husband will be so lucky. I have been heartbroken so many times but I am not giving up. I am in my 30s and my dream is to have a family so any girl out their should comes and shoot their shots. I am telling Martha Kay is no longer my juicy I gave up on her,” A Pass said

It should be noted that A Pass best friend Bruno K has a child and now A Pass is having baby fever.

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