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I Prepared a Budget to Throw You to Court – God’s Plan Tells Kampala Sun and Tina

Sheilah Gashumba Welcome the Plan

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  • Tina Fierce has been defaming Sheilah Gashumba for over a year now attaching many allegations that include abortions and a breakup of her and God's Plan
  • Sheilah Gaashumba says she has been nursing depression for over a year under the nose of one person and the company she works with.
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Number one most influential person on Twitter Sheilah Gashumba’s lover God’s Plan has now given it a second thought and he says enough is enough with the cyber bullying his lover is facing and has decided to seek for Justice and see all end from Tina and Kampala Sun.

Recently, Sheilah Gashumba alleged that Tina Fierce has managed to damage their reputation. Sheilah alleged that the Urban TV Scoop n Scoop show presenter Tina Fierce has made it a daily meal to tarnish her name because the later is being paid to do so. Consequently, Sheilah says this threw her to depression that she has failed to overcome  by now as she gets sleepless nights because of Tina which God’s plan agreed with.

Sheilah Gashumba and Hubby God’s Plan

This is when Sheilah’s hubby God’s Plan took it on his tweeter handle saying that he has decided to end this social media bullying in court. He says that for two years now he has been wondering on what he can do to stop the show that continuously demeans and insults people. He has now decided to put a budget aside to pay the best lawyers.


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For two years now I have been thinking of how we can put a stop thinking of how we can put a stop to this show that has continuously demeaned, insulted people etc!! I put a budget aside to pay the best lawyers!! Now let’s meet in court. #stop social media-bullyinguganda” He tweeted.

In the same line, delighted Sheilah Gashumba made it a point to respond through and he appreciated what God’s Plan is holding on his mind for being such a supportive lover, she says that he has been a shoulder and never left her side in times of depression. Keep It Times Uganda.

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