I am going to miss you – Naira Ali to Prim Asiimwe

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Singer Naira Ali is very unhappy with Prim Asiimwe leaving the Kasanga based radio station Galaxy FM. Prim Asiimwe has been working with Galaxy FM for 10 years but yesterday she told her fans that she is officially quitting.

She said she has made up her mind and she think leaving is a better option although it is the most difficult decision she has ever made in her life. So many people have resigned from their known jobs but a few have had celebrities as their fans especially those working in the media.

But for Naira Ali it looks like she has been a very strong fan to Prim Asiimwe and has been listening to her for so many years. When she posted about resigning, Naira Ali went to her social media platforms and posted about how she wanted to appreciate her before leaving.

She said Prim Asiimwe has been so good in that when one is listening to her, they feel like they are with her in the studios. Naira Ali added on that Prim Asiimwe has been a queen in the media and she deserves all the respect wherever she is going.

No sooner had I thought about doing an appreciation post about Prim Asiimwe’s dominance on Radio, than Prim Asiimwe resigned at Galaxy FM. First of all muli simanyi kyobala but honestly i still wanted you on radio and I am seriously going to miss you.” Naira Ali started her painful post

You’ve had the most unique style of presentation, eno bwosala ekigambo, eno bwosesa, eno bwojerega, olugambo olukuli mukawumi ako. To some extent I feel listening to you on radio would make me forget that I’m listening but instead think I’m sitted with you in studio vibing,uve made those other bu slay queen presents “drink water” yet you still earned respect from the old folks in media. You’ve been amazing” Naira Ali posted.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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